Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat has stopped reading about the show online because he wants to avoid angry fans who do not like the latest plot twists.

He said viewers would see some of the Time Lord’s ‘dark side’ in the autumn season of the show, which sees the Doctor and his companions travel to Berlin before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Speaking at a screening of the next episode, Let’s Kill Hitler, at the BFI on London’s South Bank, he said he was not worried about the audience keeping up with the latest plot twists.

He said: “They will get it. My nine-year-old got all this ages ago.”

Asked what he thought of the analysis of the show by its fans, he said: “It’s nice but we’re not that aware of it, unless you go online which I don’t do anymore. You know I’m sure there is lots of analysis and general anger.

“I used to go online when Russell [T Davies] was writing it and see what they said about him so I thought when it’s my time I’m just not going on.”

Steven, who also co-writes the BBC One hit Sherlock, said the new series would also show a ‘very funny’ doctor.

He said: “He has a dark side but there is an awful lot of the doctor that is really rather lovely. I think he worries more about his dark side than he actually has one.”