Doctor Who’s Matt Smith injures head in fall

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has been treated for a minor head injury after tripping up in his flat in Cardiff at the weekend.

The 28-year-old came a cropper after he went out celebrating with his co-stars on Saturday night, having finished filming the last episode of the current series.

According to The Sun he had to have three stitches at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff as a result of cutting his head when he fell.

“Matt tripped over in his head and sustained a minor head cut,” a BBC source told the paper.

“He went to A&E as a precaution. He is very, very clumsy so nobody will be surprised.”

Another insider said, “It looked really painful but Matt didn’t seem to care.

“Luckily they had just finished shooting scenes – if not his bosses would have been fuming because it didn’t look too pretty.”

Matt has a reputation for being clumsy, having damaged props in the past, and he also once admitted to resting his hand on a light – only for it to fall on his head.

He is currently on screen in the new series of Doctor Who, which will run for seven episodes and then take a break over the summer, returning later in the year.

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