Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi: ‘Jenna was fabulous in her final scene, but it’s very sad. Get the hankies ready!’

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has spoken for the first time about filming the Doctor’s final scene with Jenna Coleman as Clara, which happens at the end of the current series.

Peter, who’s played the Doctor since 2013, explained to DJ Nick Grimshaw on Radio One this morning how upsetting he found it all.

“It was really sad to say goodbye to Jenna, she was such great fun to work with and I’ve had a wonderful time with her,” he said. “I don’t usually get very weepy when I’m working, but I just found this really sad. But I do still see her, so It’s not like saying goodbye Jenna in person, but sort of saying goodbye to her as her character Clara becomes the focus of your emotion. There are things perhaps you’d like to say to that person, how wonderful she’s been to me.”

He continued: “Jenna was fabulous in her final scene for Doctor Who. It’s very clever what happens, but it’s very sad, really sad. It’s not what you think might happen. You think what you think is going to happen then it’s something else. And that’s what’s wonderful about Doctor Who, it’s always clever in that way. Things aren’t as straightforward as they appear. Get lots of hankies ready that’s what I would say. And it’s sad over a number of weeks…”

Peter went on to describe what becoming The Doctor has meant for him since joining Doctor Who, and it’s less scary than he imagined.

“It’s changed my life. People shout at me in the streets and look at me all the time!” he said. “At first it’s a bit scary because you can’t go anywhere without people peering at you, but to be honest they’re usually so friendly and lovely towards all things Doctor Who, ever so cheerful and nice, and always pleased to see me! They have smiles on their faces because I’ve turned up! And of course it’s not me turning up for them, it’s Doctor Who…

“I do love the job. You go into work and just think: I’m going to blow up some Daleks, see some guys dressed up in rubber monster costumes and run up and down a corridor with Jenna. It’s just a gas! How could you not like that?”

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