Get out your hankies, warns Doctor Who star Karen

Karen Gillan has warned Doctor Who fans they may need a box of tissues at the ready for the series finale.

Hinting at a weepy end to the current BBC One series, she said fans will need ’tissues’ before saying cryptically: “I’m going to say the word ‘horses’ and that’s it.”

Asked about the hardest episode to film, Karen said: “The second part of the finale was the most difficult because it’s a big climax for Amy and her story that’s been building throughout the series. And it just required a lot of kind of concentration and emotion.”

Karen said her favourite episode of the series was Amy’s Choice, ‘because I got to be pregnant, with a big bump, and it just felt ridiculous and it made me act ridiculously’.

She named the Weeping Angels as Amy’s scariest foes, ‘because you don’t actually see them do anything so it’s left to the imagination’.

Speaking about an Amy action figure which is being released, she said: “It’s so weird. It’s like a little miniature version of yourself. And it really looks like me, I was really impressed.”

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