Jenna Coleman changes her mind and will continue on Doctor Who into 2015

Jenna Coleman has apparently decided she will be sticking around for part of the next series of Doctor Who.

The actress plays the Time Lord’s assistant Clara Oswald and had recently announced that she would be departing the hit BBC sci-fi show after this year’s Christmas special, but now the Daily Mirror has reported that she has changed her mind.

She will stay by the side of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor for the first half of next year’s series, and Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat is said to be delighted, although apparently it will mean rewriting the scripts for her.

An insider said: “When it came to Clara, they had to tear them up and start again.

“In the original draft of the script, she became an old woman who then died with the Doctor at her side. But after they were rewritten, she will now be seen returning to the TARDIS, hand in hand with the Doctor.”

Jenna and Peter have had just one series together, but the actress, who previously featured alongside former Doctor Matt Smith, is thought to have bonded with her new co-star so much that she wants to stay for longer.

In the festive special entitled Last Christmas, the Doctor and Clara will find themselves unable to tell the difference between a fantasy world and reality, and will call on Santa, played by Nick Frost, for help.

A BBC spokesman said: “The Doctor and Clara face their last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!”


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