Jenna Coleman: Doctor Who 50th will ‘change everything’

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has hinted that the 50th anniversary episode will ‘change the direction of the show’.

Speaking to Access Hollywood Jenna – who plays the Doctor’s sidekick Clara Oswald – revealed that filming on the episode was now complete and the effects were now being added.

And giving fans some idea of what to expect from the top-secret show she said: “The whole episode is a massive celebration and it’s kind of about celebrating the last 50 years of Doctor Who.

“There’s a massive team of us all thrown in there but it’s quite a transformation episode and it very much changes the direction of where the show is going in quite a big way.”

She added: “It’s in the can and all the 3D and effects and everything like that is taking place as we speak.”

Meanwhile Jenna said it was ‘unimaginable’ to think of Doctor Who without her co-star Matt Smith, who is leaving the series at Christmas.

“It’s a strange thing because I always knew he was gonna be leaving,” she said, “so it will be kind of bittersweet. But I think quite possibly there’s a bit of denial going on.”

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode will be screened on Saturday November 23, with plans underway for the show to be simulcast in around 200 countries across the world.