Jenna-Louise: I’ll really miss Matt Smith

Doctor Who actress Jenna-Louise Coleman has admitted she will miss co-star Matt Smith when he bows out of the show at Christmas.

The 27-year-old admitted to the Mirror that she was stunned when she heard the news, which was revealed last Saturday night.

“I am going to really miss him. It is sad. He is a very, very special man, wonderful in so many ways,” Jenna-Louise said.

“People on set come up to me and say, ‘He is such a wonderful man’ and he truly is. He is very talented.

“We had such a great chemistry. He’s a great guy to work with. It’s been great working with Matt and I’m so proud of him. We will definitely keep in touch.”

However she stopped short of speculating who the new Doctor might be, saying: “That’s up to the producers,”

Jenna-Louise had further TV trauma to contend with last week when her boyfriend, actor Richard Madden, was at the centre of the gruesome ‘red wedding’ episode of Game Of Thrones.

The actor, who plays Robb Stark in the Sky Atlantic show, was at the centre of a massacre which saw several characters slaughtered – and which had viewers reeling in disbelief.

“I was in the hairdresser’s and ­someone said, ‘I have to talk to someone about Game of Thrones.’ I was like, ‘Yeah. I’ve watched it,’ and we chatted for ages about it. People are obsessed about it,” she said.

“They didn’t realise I was his ­girlfriend. Watching those scenes was gut-wrenching.”

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