John Simm returns for Doctor Who finale

John Simm will reprise his role as The Master in David Tennant’s final two episodes of Doctor Who, the BBC has confirmed.

The Life on Mars star had apparently been spotted on set during filming of David’s finale and his return was announced at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego at the weekend, reports Digital Spy.

The BBC confirmed John’s return on its Doctor Who website, saying: “At the close of series three we saw The Master gunned down by his wife and whilst lying in his enemy’s arms, he refused to regenerate.

“The world believed he had died and The Doctor accepted he was the last of the Time Lords. But this is Doctor Who and you can’t keep a good bad guy down!”

John previously appeared as The Master in the episodes Utopia, The Sound Of Drums and The Last Of The Time Lords, all written by executive producer Russell T. Davies, who also penned his upcoming adventure.

David’s replacement – and 11th Doctor – Matt Smith, and Karen Gillian, who plays his new companion Amy Pond, were spotted filming the new series of Doctor Who in Cardiff last week.

The 13-part series, which sees the return of former ER actress Alex Kingston, will transmit in spring 2010.