Karen Gillan is yet to experience the glamorous side of celebrity while playing Doctor Who‘s companion.

The Scottish actress, who stars as Amy Pond, has endured some odd experiences while making the hit BBC One sci-fi show, including ‘lying in a pool of sick with cabbage in it’.

“That was quite bizarre,” the 22-year-old said while at a Hollywood event to celebrate the influence Brits have had on the entertainment industry in LA.

She’s also had to learn how to ‘act terrified of tennis balls’. I’ve mastered that art for the CGI afterwards.

“Life has been turned upside down for me, it’s crazy,” said the actress, at a reception at the Consul General’s Official Residence.

She was effusive about the new Doctor, Matt Smith: “He’s great to work with. You never know what’s going to happen from one take to the next, so I don’t know what’s coming.”