Kevin Bishop thinks his co-star Karen Gillian will make a brilliant companion for Time Lord Matt Smith in the new series of Doctor Who.

The comedian, who currently stars alongside 21-year-old Karen in Channel 4’s The Kevin Bishop Show, believes she will do a great job in the massive sci-fi show.

He said: “Karen is a massive talent, you know, she walked through the door when we were auditioning people to play her role and she was just great, she was just beautiful – I think she’s going to be brilliant.

“Funnily enough the director of our first series, Elliot Hegarty, said, ‘This girl is amazing, very rarely do you get a girl with such a perfect symmetrical face like that who is able to deliver comedy so well, and no one knows who she is and we’ve found her’.

“I just hope she doesn’t become too famous so she can’t do the third series.”

According to Kevin, Karen was very secretive about her new role on set. “She kept it all quiet, in fact it is pretty incredible that she kept that secret.”