Katherine catches ‘acting bug’ after Doctor Who

Katherine Jenkins has admitted she has caught the acting bug after her cameo in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

The Welsh singer would now like to do more acting, and has her heart set on a part in a musical film, even though she says she wouldn’t call herself an actress yet.

Katherine said: “I’ve not had any training and I’ve not had any experience of that sort of thing and this is my first ever thing like this, but I suppose now I’ve done this and I really enjoyed myself…

“Everyone in the whole Doctor Who team was brilliant and so supportive… so by the end I’d had a ball.

“I think maybe that has now opened my mind to thinking, ‘OK, well if the right thing came along maybe I would do it again.'”

But the 30-year-old soprano added there would have to be singing involved in any future roles, if she was to be tempted.

She said: “I’d like to do a musical film, something like that.

“The reason I was interested in the part, not only because Dr Who is such an iconic show, but my character sings and that was the thing that really caught my attention.

“So if it was the right kind of musical thing again then that would be… I don’t know what sort of thing, but something that would involve singing.”

*The Doctor Who Christmas Special screens on BBC One on Christmas Day.