Kaya Scodelario has revealed there are no sex scenes between her and Billie Piper in the upcoming BBC drama Love Life.

Billie is set to play a teacher who develops feelings for a female pupil, portrayed by the Wuthering Heights star, in Dominic Savage’s five-episode BBC One series, which co-stars David Tennant and Lacey Turner, which will screen in 2012.

“I think the main focus of the programme is to put these two women in a situation… and understand the connection and emotions without it being a sexual thing. There are no sexual scenes,” she said.

“And I hope people can watch it and understand that genuinely, and not just think, ‘Oh she’s getting it off with Billie Piper’. Which obviously they will think, because I did too!”

Kaya – who also appeared on E4 series Skins – praised her co-star, saying: “Working with Billie was really, really good. It was scary taking on that role, having to have an emotion with a woman like that.

“The whole idea of love and relationships is my favourite thing to do on camera. So it was great to push it a step further and do it with a woman.”

However, the 19-year-old, who has had no formal acting training, found the improvisation tough.

“Not one word was written down on paper. It’s terrifying, until you find a natural rhythm,” she admitted.

“Everybody was nervous about it, so I wasn’t the only one. I think David Tennant had a panic attack before his first day because he didn’t know what to say!”