Matt Smith: I’m not leaving in Who’s biggest year!

The Doctor confronts his deadliest foes, the Daleks, and it’s the beginning of the end for Amy and Rory as Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday, September 1.

The 49th year of Doctor Who kicks off with the return of the Daleks and 26 models were brought to Cardiff for filming. TV & Satellite Week talked to star Matt Smith about series seven…

How was it filming with the iconic enemy, the Daleks?

“Karen and I took a picture of our favourite one. This is one of the originals from 1963. On set, that’s the one that’s making people’s jaws drop.”

Are they as frightening as they used to be?

“This script really brings the Daleks back to their scary best. And the director has lit this episode like a horror movie, so they’re as frightening as I’ve known them during my time on the show.”

Can you tell us what’s different about this series?

“Series seven is all about the fall of the Ponds. We recently had the read-through for the last episode, where we say goodbye to the gang, and that was very emotional. You have to embrace change on Doctor Who, otherwise it leaves you behind. We’re all really sad to see them go, because we have great fun with them, but we’re intent on making these last five episodes the best they can be as our journey approaches its climax.”

We know that Amy Pond exits, but what can you tell us about her replacement?

“Diddly squat. I know she’s played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, and that’s about it. It’s kept secret from me in the same way that it is from everyone else.”

What about your future? Will you be here next year?

“There was never any plan for me not to be around next year. I’m not an idiot, and I’m not going to leave Doctor Who in its biggest year ever. We just want to make this series as big, bold and brilliant as we can. That will lead us to the 50th anniversary, which could be one of the most monumental moments in TV history.”

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