Matt Smith: ‘It’s Hitler’s moustache that does it’

TV Times magazinegoes on set to catch up with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as Doctor Who shifts to Nazi Germany…

Hi Matt, what’s going on?

“We’re in 1930s Germany and we stumble across Hitler by chance when the TARDIS crashes into his office. The Doctor has no idea he’s going to end up here, but he does and he also bumps into River Song. It’s a good set, isn’t it?”

Every Doctor Who story needs a monster and this one has the Teselecta, a robot that has the ability to morph into human form. How does that work?

“It’s operated by tiny miniaturised people inside. It’s sort of a universal policeman who goes around the universe catching criminals, so it’s after Hitler and poses as a Nazi officer.”

Did you enjoy meeting Hitler?

“It’s really weird acting with Hitler and the guy playing him is called Albert Welling and he’s really sweet, But, there is something very odd being in a room with that man. You’re aghast because it’s Hitler, the root of modern evil in many respects, it’s quite a bizarre experience. It’s the moustache that really does it.”

And the Doctor’s life is under threat once again…

“Shock, horror the Doctor’s dying again – it’s a weekly experience for him really. But, he’s still the one that’s pulling all the strings and saving the day.”

Some people have found this year’s episodes hard to follow, what’s your take?

“People are saying it’s too complicated without having seen the whole series yet and if you give Steven the time to tell that story it makes sense. I think that Doctor Who is brave and Steven Moffatt’s writing is challenging, which is a good thing. The fans have been very positive, although what they say to my face and what they write online could be two different things!”