Michelle Gomez: ‘We got away with it… now I hope to return to Doctor Who!’ (VIDEO)

Michelle Gomez revealed she’s planning on making a return to Doctor Who!

When What’s on TV spoke to her on the BAFTA red carpet about a return to Doctor Who as Missy, Michelle’s intentions were clear: “I hope so. You just never can tell…. We’ll see, but I’d be disappointed if I didn’t come back, put it that way.”

The introduction of Missy – a reinvented female version of The Master, Doctor Who’s long-standing nemesis – initially shocked fans, but soon earned her lots of Whovian supporters. Michelle was attending the BAFTA TV Awards in London, having been nominated for Supporting Actress for her groundbreaking role in the long-running time-travelling drama.

She said: ”I was completely blown away that I’ve been nominated… I’m very, very grateful.”

Speaking about the Doctor Who fans’ acceptance of her, Michelle added: “That’s the thing that’s been the most extraordinary – more than any job I’ve done – the fan base have been phenomenal and, overall, have been really positive and supportive and accepting of me.

“It was quite a flip… turning the Master to the Mistress. And we got away with it, but there were moments were I thought we might not… I’m very relieved they’ve accepted me into the fold.”

For the full interview with Michelle, watch the video above… she’s a BIG fan of Happy Valley!


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