New Doctor has ‘got the right idea’, says Tennant

David Tennant says he held off the advice when talking to his Doctor Who successor, Matt Smith, but could tell he had the ‘right idea’ about playing the iconic TV character.

David told What’s On TV magazine about his recent conversation with Matt.

“We chatted on the phone not long ago and we did exchange a few opinions on what’s about to unfold for him, but advice is a very dangerous thing. Matt’s got an extraordinary journey coming up in all sorts of ways and I’m sure he’ll find his own way through it,” says David, who’s only just returned from Dubai where he’s been filming his next Doctor Who adventure, The Planet Of The Dead.

“I could tell Matt was very up for it, though, and excited in all the right ways. He says he’s going to take it very seriously and he seems to have the right idea about playing The Doctor, so far as I can tell.”

The Planet Of The Dead can be seen over the Easter holidays on BBC One and will also star Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans as the characters Lady Christina de Souza and Malcolm.

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