With the new series of Doctor Who premiering in two weeks (BBC1, Saturday, September 19) with The Magician’s Apprentice – the first of an epic two-parter – star Peter Capaldi told What’s On TV what to expect…

Can you set the scene for series nine of Doctor Who?

“When viewers join the series, the Doctor and Clara are celebrating their freedom to roll through time and space wherever they want to go. They’re really excited about the idea of adventure. But of course, this being Doctor Who, that’s dangerous because of the perils they encounter. You can’t have a good time for too long in Doctor Who, you’ll have to pay for it somewhere down the line.”

Tell us about the opening episode The Magician’s Apprentice?

“It’s fabulous – the story is going to take us across the universe into all types of dark, terrifying and funny places. It’s a particularly epic one to start, with lots of old favourites, Missy and the Daleks are returning and particularly for those who are nostalgic with the Daleks of the 1960s, there are some special surprises in store…”

One enemy The Doctor didn’t bank on facing again was Missy (Michelle Gomez), the evil rogue Time Lord who caused such turmoil last series. What’s it like to have Michelle back again?

“I’ve loved working with Michelle Gomez again and I’m not surprised Missy turned out to be such a popular Doctor Who character. But the mechanics of their story are slightly different this time as the Doctor and Missy sort of help each other!”

Missy’s mysterious reappearance leads Clara and the Doctor to encounter another dangerous adversary – the Daleks! You must be thrilled to be in a two-part adventure with such a classic enemy?

“It’s good to have the Daleks back, and so many of them! And they’re not all CGI-created on screen either. It was very exciting to enter that set, as it had a lovely 1960s feel about it!”

Has Clara quit her teaching job?

“No she’s still there teaching. I love having the school and the fact that the younger audience can relate to that in a very clear way.”

As a big fan of Doctor Who since you were a boy, do you still look at the show with a fan’s excited eye rather than being the lead actor doing a job?

“I’m always excited because there’s always something fun in it that I really like and I’m always excited to see a new monster or an old monster. I don’t get giddy or breathless with excitement, but there is a very warm honeyish feeling when you walk into a room full of Daleks or you see the Zygons!”