Revealed! Pearl Mackie is the actress who will play the new Doctor Who companion

Doctor Who fans could barely wait for the half-time whistle to blow in the FA Cup semi-final between Everton and Manchester United, because that’s when the BBC announced that Pearl Mackie would be replacing Jenna Coleman in the role of the Doctor’s time-travelling companion.

Pearl is a relative newcomer to TV but we have found a video of her appearance in the BBC daytime soap Doctors a couple of years ago.

Many Whovians had already suspected that Pearl was joining the sci-fi drama as she was spotted with Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi.
Now it has been confirmed.

Pearl’s Doctor Who character is called Bill, and viewers were treated to a short film (below) which showed the Doctor and Bill being chased by Daleks.

The Doctor explains what a Dalek is to new companion Bill


“What’s that thing?” Bill asks.

“A Dalek,” the Doctor tells her.

“What’s a Dalek?” she wants to know.

“It’s an alien war machine. The deadliest alien war machine ever devised,” the Doctor tells her. “It’s programmed to wipe out all other life forms.”

“It’s got a sucker on it,” says Bill.

“It’s also got a gun,” the Doctor points out.

“Why do they keep saying, ‘Exterminate’?,” Bill persists.

The Daleks are back, trying to kill Bill…and the Doctor!


“Because they want to kill us,” the Doctor says.

“Wouldn’t it be quicker to just say, ‘Kill’?” Bill says.

Not kill Bill!!!!

“Do we really want them to save time?” the Doctor queries.

“We need to get back to the future,” he adds. “2017 needs us.”

2016 is in dire need of some help, too, Doc…


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