Samuel Anderson reflects on a strange and wonderful year in Doctor Who (VIDEO)

Doctor Who star Samuel Anderson may have got his costume wrong, appearing at the National TV Awards dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

But the former Emmerdale actor, who played Danny Pink in the eighth series of Doctor Who, was grateful when he reflected on a year on the hit BBC1 sci-fi series.

What did it meant to him to join Doctor Who? “More than you could expect, honestly. Coming out of drama school then going into, I mean, taking a few years to build up to that, it’s like ‘Really? Doctor Who? A whole season?”

But it did take some getting used to, entering the weird world of Doctor Who fans. “Strange. Doctor Who fans are something else. They remember stuff about myself that I’ve forgotten!”

Has he ever been spotted or followed by fans? “Yes, spotted. I haven’t been followed… I don’t think! I’ve been spotted by all kinds of people all over the world.”