Team ‘cried their eyes out’ after Tennant’s finale

David Tennant’s last show as Doctor Who is going to be emotional, warns writer Russell T Davies.

The 38-year-old actor is handing over the TARDIS to newcomer Matt Smith this December after five years in the role.

Russell told BBC Breakfast on Thursday: “At Christmas… I warn you now get your Kleenex out and your tissues.

“We finished the episode yesterday and we were crying our eyes out. It’s very lovely, powerful stuff, it’s David Tennant at his absolute finest.”

Commenting on how so many viewers have ‘fallen in love’ with the character over the years, Russell said: “I think the doctors themselves have something to do with it.

“We just stand back and get the cameras rolling.”

Russell is leaving the show at the same time as Tennant, but said his next project would not be another revival.

He said: “I’ve relaunched and rewritten my favourite show in the world, nothing else could ever compare, so I wouldn’t do anything else, I wouldn’t relaunch anything else but I think people should.

“Doctor Who’s proved how alive these things can become for a new generation so stories should never die.”

Russell will be replaced as the programme’s lead writer and executive producer by Steven Moffat.