The Day of the Doctor: 7 questions

It’s been nearly 48 hours since The Day of the Doctor hit our screens, but the much-anticipated 50th anniversary special is still the subject of much internet debate.

As per usual, Steven Moffat answered some of our questions, but left us with plenty of new ones as well. Here are just a few that have us scratching our heads.

Please feel free to provide the answers or pose your own below!

Is John Hurt the 9th Doctor? 

Steven Moffat appeared to sidestep this one by branding John Hurt the ‘War Doctor’ and thus placing him outside the traditional timelord chronology, yet many fans have said this is something of a cop out.

Some of the internet’s more cynical residents have even suggested Moffat’s actions were motivated by a desire not to leave warehouses of digit-oriented merchandise worthless, but with the pre-show short clearly showed Hurt’s Doctor regenerating from Paul McGann’s eighth incarnation – does that move all the subsequent Timelord’s back a place on the list? 

Where is Gallifrey?

In what essentially amounts to a reboot, a large chunk of the Doctor’s history was rewritten here. His home planet of Gallifrey wasn’t actually destroyed, but instead frozen in time within a secondary universe, leaving the Daleks to accidentally open fire on themselves (a trick the Doctor/Moffat used once before on the Weeping Angels).

After previously believing the planet was lost, the Doctor appears to have been inspired to begin searching for it at the behest of his retired self (Tom Baker). Expect this to be a running theme of the upcoming series.

What is the Doctor’s name?

Many Whovians believed Moffat would choose this moment as the perfect time to reveal the Doctor’s name, yet it was not to be – to the relief of many.

All those people tweeting that John Hurt was the name of the Doctor as the end of this year’s series finale ‘The Name of the Doctor’ were also wide of the mark it seems.

Is the Doctor a bigamist?

David Tennant’s marriage to Elizabeth I was a nice touch but what would River Song make of it all? 

Some have argued that since Elizabeth has been dead for several hundred years by the time River arrives on the scene everything’s above board, but others say the normal rules of matrimony don’t apply to Timelord relationships.

If you can move through space and time then surely “as long as you both shall live” means precisely that?

We always wondered why Elizabeth turned up demanding Tennant’s blood a couple of years back and now we know. We can’t imagine finding out about River Song would make him any more pleased to see him!

How has Clara survived after being spread all over the Doctor’s timeline?

When Clara and the eleventh Doctor jumped into the Doctor’s timeline they cause tears in the fabric of his time, enabling the War Doctor and Doctor’s ten and eleven to all end up together.

Some critics have suggested she acted almost like a Ghost of Doctor’s Future by reasoning with John Hurt after realising he hadn’t yet used the weapon?

A couple of bloggers have also suggested that Clara Oswald could have been sent to kill the Doctor (just as JFK’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald almost inadvertently killed the Doctor when news programmes featuring the President’s assassination ruined the first ever episode’s ratings).

Too far? Perhaps..

Why does the Doctor have to die at Trenzalore?

We’ll be getting answers sooner rather than later on this front, with this year’s Christmas special known to be visiting the mysterious planet. Judging by Matt Smith’s foreboding tone, things could get messy. Stand-by for a regeneration..

Did the Doctor leave the universe to the Daleks?

It has long been a running joke that more Daleks survived the extinction of their species at the End of the Time War than perished, so presumably there were plenty of them not present at the fall of Gallifrey.

So when the Doctor removed Gallifrey did he accidentally leave the universe at the mercy of the remaining Daleks?  



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