The Day of The Doctor trailer makes its mark on BBC One

The official full trailer for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode The Day Of The Doctor wowed fans when it was screened on BBC One on Saturday night.

Although a 40-second preview had already been released on Saturday morning after being leaked – and then removed – from another site on Friday, those who kept watching between the end of Strictly and the start of Atlantis were treated to yet more fresh footage from the upcoming show.

And this time around viewers had the chance to see more of the onscreen relationship between Matt Smith and previous Doctor David Tennant, as well as the return of Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler and John Hurt’s mysterious character.

The trailer marks the first time that footage from the actual episode has been shown on TV, with two previous teasers for the episode revealing nothing.

Two previous teasers released last month simply offered the show’s ident and transmission date together with the #savetheday hashtag, while a further trailer took a trawl through the history of the show, from William Hartnell to Matt Smith.

The Day Of The Doctor will be shown at 7.50pm on BBC One on Saturday November 23, as well as being simulcast in over 75 countries worldwide.

It will also be shown in special 3-D screenings at selected cinemas across the UK.

Watch the newest trailer below.

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