Tom Baker has confessed it was easy to get back into character as Doctor Who‘s Time Lord – because he just plays himself.

The 75-year-old actor is returning to the role of the Doctor after 28 years in a series of five audio adventures from BBC Audiobooks Doctor Who: Hornets’ Nest.

Tom said: “It was never a question for how do I feel about being back in character – I was just back being me.”

“I was never in character, I’m not an actor, I’m an entertainer. It was just me. And as I haven’t changed except my knees have become creaky and I’m older, I just simply walked straight into it, and as a matter of fact they didn’t give me any notes anyway.”

The veteran actor has turned down several chances to be the voice of the Doctor but liked this adventure, which is written by Paul Magrs and co-stars Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey and Rula Lenska as the Hornet Queen.

Asked why he chose this one, he said: “I think for the simple reason I thought the script had improved rather. I don’t need to do this, to go back playing Doctor Who.

“It’s a nightmare story of the escape of some hornets, not any old hornets – these are BBC hornets so naturally any hornets that the BBC would come up with are going to be the stuff of nightmares.”

The first story, The Stuff Of Nightmares, will be available to buy as an hour-long CD from September 3.

A dedicated page for the series – – will launch on August 10.