Corrie’s Johnny: I’d love to be a Doctors regular!

Coronation Street icon Johnny Briggs guest stars in BBC medical drama Doctors on Monday. Here he tells us about the new role and if he’d ever return to Corrie…

You’re guest starring in Doctors as sick prisoner John Cotham – tell us a bit about your character…

“He’s an old lad who’s been accused of murder and they let him out of jail to find the murder weapon. But he keeps giving the police the run-around.”

What was it like working with the cast of Doctors?

“It’s been absolutely wonderful! When I stopped and semi-retired I thought I wouldn’t do much, but it was absolutely great – what a nice bunch they are as well!”

You worked closely with Seeta Indrani, who plays Lily, the doctor who looks after your character when he’s let out of prison to find the gun…

“Yeah it was wonderful – we got on like a house on fire!”

Had you watched Doctors before you filmed with the team?

“Yeah I watched it and I thought – ‘This is quite good this series!’ I mentioned it to my children, I have a 26-year-old daughter who’s an actress, and she said: ‘Oh Daddy that was really good – I’d give my right arm to be in it!'”

The Daily Star recently reported that you’d like to return to Coronation Street as Mike Baldwin’s evil twin – is this true?

“No, it was a joke! They asked was there any chance of me going back to Coronation Street and I said, ‘Mike’s dead – how could I come back?’ They pointed out that it happened with Duffy and the actress in Dallas. So I joked and said, ‘In that case, I’ll be back!'”

Would you go back to Coronation Street as a different character – maybe a walk-on part as a customer in the Rovers?

“I shouldn’t think so because to me Coronation Street is one of the most realistic shows on television and to do something like that would be a bit silly. Everyone who’s in Coronation Street thinks that they’re the star in it, but there’s only one star of the street and that’s the pub! Take the Rovers Return away and you wouldn’t have a show, would you? I always loved doing things in the Rovers and giving them a rollicking!”

Would you become a regular in Doctors if they offered you the part?

“Oh yes! It’s a good show – I really enjoyed doing it!”

Johnny Briggs guest stars in Doctors on Monday November 9 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

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