Doctors’ Danielle: ‘People buy into Freya & Mandy’

Doctors star Danielle Henry, who plays nurse Mandy Marquez, reveals the latest gossip from The Mill surgery…

Why do you think that Freya and Mandy work so well together as a couple?

“I think people bought into their relationship straight away, which is really nice. Freya and Mandy really care about each other, and I think that comes across on screen. Lu Corfield, who plays Freya, and I have worked with each other before on BBC1’s Candy Cabs. So we’re definitely comfortable around each other and hopefully that makes the chemistry between Freya and Mandy look more realistic.”

It’s a shame there’s not going to be any more Candy Cabs !

“I know! Unfortunately, there’s no rhyme or reason with these things. The response to the series at the time was so positive. The scripts were really funny and it was a bit of a giggle. It was a bit light, pink and fluffy. I think it’s a real shame the BBC decided not to take it any further. But I wouldn’t be here in Doctors if it wasn’t for Candy Cabs!”

How does Mandy feel about the fact that Freya is bisexual and has slept with their surgery colleague, Kevin?

“Mandy was furious when she first found out, because she didn’t know that Freya was bisexual at first. Now, Mandy and Kevin are very civil and professional towards each other at the surgery. But there’s a lot of hidden animosity between them. I think Mandy feels a bit jealous. It’s that situation where you know that someone else has had their hands all over your partner. So to have to see that other person at work every day. It’s not a very nice feeling. Sometimes Mandy feels that Kevin could do with a bit of a slap across the face!”

Ooh, are we going to see that happen?

“It hasn’t happened yet. But I’d like to see a real shouting and screaming match between them. Perhaps Mandy can chuck some water all over Kevin’s head while she’s at it. That would be nice!”

Tell us about Mandy’s lively family?

“Well, as we’ve just seen, Mandy has got an uncle, Phil who is a lesbian trans-sexual. He dresses in women’s clothes occasionally and is now ready to make the full leap. Then in that same episode, Mandy discovered that her cousin, Jake is gay. They have a really nice relationship. Mandy has always been like Jake’s big sister and he feels like he can confide in her.”

It’s all going on in the Marquez family!

“It seems a bit extreme. But there are people out there who are dealing with these kinds of issues within the family. I think that seeing stuff like this on screen gives people an outlet to really talk about it. It’s one of the things that Doctors is really good at doing.”

Have you received any feedback from fans

“I am a complete technophobe, but I have finally joined Twitter. We’ve had some really positive feedback. I heard from a couple of girls who told me that they love the way that Lu and I are portraying two gay women. It makes them proud to be gay. It was really touching. It really means a lot to me.”

We were surprised to hear that Diane Keen is leaving Doctors…

“I remember Diane was so welcoming when I first joined the cast. So I was like, ‘Oh don’t go yet. I haven’t had the chance to get to know you better!’ I think Diane is Doctors. It’s been about 10 years of her life. She had a nice leaving do at a hotel in Birmingham. But I had to be a bit sensible because I was working the next day!”

About 10 years ago, you played Latisha Daggert in Emmerdale. Do you still keep in touch with any of your co-stars?

“Actually, Cleveland Campbell who played my brother, Danny Daggert in Emmerdale has just filmed an episode of Doctors. So it was great to catch up. Even though Cleveland is older than me, I still feel like he’s my little brother!”

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