Doctors’ Sophie: ‘Cherry is a real bridezilla’

Love is in the air in Letherbridge this Valentine’s Day. But will ‘bridezilla’ Cherry finally make it down the aisle to marry her man, Jimmi? Doctors star Sophie Abelson, who plays nurse Cherry Malone, tells us more…

How is Cherry feeling about getting hitched?

“She’s getting very carried away with wanting the perfect wedding and has become a real bridezilla! Cherry is the sort of girl who has grown up always wanting that perfect princess wedding. So the cost keeps going up and up and up, much to the alarm of her fiancee, Jimmi! She has become an absolute nightmare!”

We hear that Cherry’s hen night ends in a fight?

“Yes, there has been this build-up of tension between Cherry and Zara for so long now. It all comes to a head on the hen night. There has always been conflict between the two characters. But this time, Cherry is pushed too far by Zara and there are some explosive scenes!”

It looks like Zara has her revenge – by going into labour the day before Cherry’s wedding!

“She does! Cherry finds herself placed in a tricky situation, and it’s quite scary for her. But then we’re used to dealing with chaos in Letherbridge! Cherry can be on the ditzy side. But when it comes to the crunch, she’s a good nurse and does her job well. I like that about the character.”

Is the wedding in jeopardy because of Zara’s birth drama?

“I think it just puts everything into perspective for Cherry and Jimmi. Their main concern is whether Zara and Daniel’s baby will survive. Suddenly, Cherry realises that it doesn’t matter if she’s not wearing the most amazing wedding dress, and all the other fancy ideas she had in her head.”

What wass it like to film the wedding?

“Oh, it was really good fun. I haven’t had my Big Day yet, but it felt like a real wedding. I’ve got lots of friends who have got married. They all say how emotional it is. I’m a bit like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever!’ But I must admit, when I tried on the various wedding dresses for Doctors, I did start feeling a bit emotional!”

Do you think their marriage will be a success?

“We’re talking about Letherbridge here – nothing is ever simple! So, who knows what troubles lie along the way…”

What kind of response do you get from viewers?

“There is quite a mixed response. Not everyone thinks that Jimmi and Cherry should be together! Jimmi (Adrian Lewis Morgan) has been in the show for a lot longer than me. He has a lot of admirers. The female audience in particular are quite precious about Jimmi!”

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