‘We should film an episode of Doctors in 3D!’ says star Ian Midlane (VIDEO)

BBC1’s daytime drama Doctors reached its 3000th episode recently and the staff at The Mill take centre stage in a special one-hour episode this Thursday.

We caught up with Ian Midlane, who plays Al, to find out more about the daytime drama’s milestone episode.

“There are silly costumes which luckily I get to wear!” reveals Ian. “There’s a big crowd and we’re filming on location in some of the prettiest parts of Birmingham. It’s the culmination of a big police storyline involving Rob and danger… and did I say sniper!”

Ian reckons Doctors could be around to celebrate many more milestone moments, and thinks the series is still around because they do things a bit differently in Letherbridge.

“Fifteen years on air is a long time,” says Ian. “Doctors is diverse. We do things in different genres. So we’ve done Jane Austen week and Halloween episodes. Who knows what will come up in the future. I think we should film an episode in 3D, a musical involving time travel, maybe a combination of Jaws, Jurassic Park and Singing In The Rain!”

Watch the celebratory episode of Doctors on Thursday, September 10 on BBC1

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