Downton Abbey: Fan fury over Lady Sybil death

Fans of Downton Abbey have taken to Twitter in their thousands to express their shock over the sudden death of Lady Sybil in last night’s episode.

Viewers watched as the character – played by Jessica Brown Findlay – died following the birth of her baby daughter after developing the dangerous condition eclampsia.

Many expressed their sadness at the loss of such a popular character with @carolinelkelly Tweeting: ‘Omg I can’t believe Lady Sybil has died I actually feel sick and its not even real.’

And @GreggsMother wrote: ‘Oh my word, stiff upper lips fell by the wayside last night, to be swiftly replaced by some serious blubbing over Downton. Poor Lady Sybil.’

Some responded in anger with @Ewing_Annie Tweeting: ‘NO!! How could they?? Why???’

And @HarryBradshaw wrote: ‘Me and Julian Fellows need a chat regarding Lady Sybil’s death!!!’

Some celebrities also got involved in the debate with ex Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon Tweeting: ‘My head still hurts after crying over Lady Sybil’s death.’

However, some tried to see the funny side with @CodeNameTanya Tweeting: ‘The stress of the skydive. Now Lady Sybil. This is the worst day of telly. Ever.’

And @XxHayleyJxX wrote: ‘I was literally crying cause Lady Sybil died in Downton Abbey, so my Nan goes ‘She’s probably on the sofa with a bottle of wine laughing!’

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