Downton fire was ‘fun and silly’ to film, says star Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael has described the dramatic scenes of a fire breaking out in Downton Abbey as ‘fun and silly’ to film.

Laura’s character Lady Edith Crawley was at the centre of the latest storyline which saw flames engulf her bedroom in the hit ITV show.

An upset Lady Edith had inadvertently started the fire by throwing a book at the embers in her fireplace, and as she lay overcome in her bed, it was left to Downton under butler and regular bad guy Thomas Barrow to turn hero and rescue her, carrying her to safety.

Laura told that although the finished scenes looked scary, they were fun to film.

“It was fun! Such a weird day having a lot of stunt men in and six firemen,” she said. “[It was] one of those exhilarating thrill-seeking things when you know you’re safe, but it feels quite dangerous. Somehow that makes it quite fun and silly even though it should be dangerous and frightening.”

Laura said she especially enjoyed working with co-star Rob James-Collier, who plays Thomas, on the fire drama, because he is a bit of a joker.

“[It’s] very funny always to work with Rob James-Collier, especially under those circumstances – it’s hysterical!

“He had to rest his arms a few times, which obviously makes you feel great!” she added.