Downton: What next for Branson after Sybil death?

After Lady Sybil’s sudden death in Downton Abbey on Sunday night, fans will be wondering what the future holds for the Crawley family and Sybil’s widow Tom Branson.

The character, played by Jessica Brown Findlay, died from eclampsia following a tense episode in which she began displaying symptoms of serious illness after going into labour.

But Sybil’s life was left hanging in the balance after family medic Dr Clarkson insisted she be taken to hospital while Harley Street obstetrician Sir Philip Tapsell insisted such a move would prove fatal.

It was hoped the birth would signal happy times for Sybil and husband Branson (Allen Leech), who were last seen fleeing Dublin after Branson watched as a castle owned by aristocrats was set on fire.

It looked like Sybil and Branson would be forced to stay at Downton, with Sybil’s parents, who have always struggled to accept former chauffeur Branson as their son-in-law.

In Sunday night’s episode, Sybil gave birth to a healthy baby girl but her condition rapidly deteriorated and she died in Branson’s arms.

This paves the way for more potential drama, with Lady Cora blaming Lord Grantham for refusing to take the doctor’s advice.

It’s also thought that the new arrival will cause even further tensions between Branson and Lady Sybil’s family.

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