Downton’s Brendan Coyle: ‘There’s serious fallout to the Mr Green story!’

Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle reveals there’s a shocking outcome to the harrowing Mr Green storyline.

Viewers were stunned when the visiting valet, Alex Green, played by former EastEnders’ star Nigel Harman, raped lady’s maid Anna Bates last year. The plot thickened when, shortly afterwards, Anna’s violent attacker died in mysterious circumstances in London. Since then Inspector Vyner has been investigating Green’s death and in this week’s series finale reveals he’s unearthed a dark fact about Green’s past, which would give Anna a motive for his murder.

Brendan, who plays Anna’s butler husband, Mr John Bates, says: “Mr Green is an issue that hasn’t gone away. It’s a very contentious storyline and it has consequences that affect Anna and Bates very deeply.”

We can reveal that in this Sunday’s series finale Inspector Vyner summons Anna to Scotland Yard and then springs a horrible surprise – he’s organised for her to be part of an identity parade!

During the episode it’s revealed Inspector Vyner suspects Green attacked Anna as a number of other women have come forward and revealed they were violently assaulted by the deceased valet. Furthermore a new witness has provided vital information, which also casts a shadow on Anna. Vyner can’t be sure, but he suspects, if Green assaulted Anna, this could be motive enough for murder.

And with murder a hanging offence at the time, the stakes couldn’t be higher…

Brendan says: “It’s a dark and harrowing storyline. It has a ripple effect, not just for Anna and Bates but for the other characters as well. There’s a serious fallout to this!”

Watch ITV on Sunday, November 9 at 9pm to discover if Anna is arrested for the murder of her evil rapist.


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