Fay Ripley: ‘I’d love a role in Downton’

Fay Ripley has revealed she would love a role in Downton Abbey – provided she didn’t have to play a maid.

The Cold Feet actress is a dab hand in the kitchen and has an award-winning cookery book to her name, but insisted she’d stay well out of the servants’ quarters if she landed a part in the hit period drama.

She confessed: “I want to be in Downton Abbey! But I don’t want to be a maid. I want to be upstairs doing something lovely and glamorous.

“I think the next series is set in the Twenties and I do not look good in a Flapper dress, so I might have to wait for the series after that.”

Fay, who is back with a second series of the cookery show Perfect…, is married to fellow actor Daniel Lapaine – best known for playing the groom in Muriel’s Wedding.

“I still love the film; I’ve always loved it. It’s brilliant and it definitely stands the test of time,” Fay said.

“(Daniel) looks so different now. When I watch it I just scream with laughter.”

Fay Ripley narrates Perfect… which is exclusive to Good Food, Monday to Wednesday at 7pm from tonight (January 16).