Joanne Froggatt: ‘I prefer Bates and Anna sad!’

Downton Abbey‘s Anna Smith – actress Jo Froggatt – tells TV Times magazine about why she’s not wishing for Bates and Anna to have a happy ending…

What was it like going to the Emmy Awards to see Downton Abbey pick up four gongs?

“It really was an amazing experience. It was all dresses and shoes and parties and meeting interesting people – it was quite magical!”

We hear that Downton also has some superstar fans?

“It is incredible to think of the people who have seen it and knew what we did in the show. I knew there was a buzz about Downton, but my goodness, everyone in the industry has seen it! Seeing how much it is growing in popularity around the world is incredible – you can’t really get your head round it. It is lovely and happy and fantastic, but you can’t quite comprehend it as it is happening.”

The romance between Anna and Bates has really caught the public’s imagination. Would you like to see them have a happy ending?

“I prefer it like this. My favourite scene of the series was when Bates left Anna in the first episode, even though it was really sad. As an actress it is just much more fun and interesting to play all the peaks and troughs. But for the characters’ sake, I would like to see them happy and settled. Put it this way, it’s not going to be all plain sailing – and that will go right through to the Christmas special!”

And after the Christmas special, what about filming for series three?

“The roaring Twenties will be so much fun. I try not to get too jealous of the outfits some of the cast get to wear. But, oh, God, the costumes are so fantastic! I love clothes, I am like a magpie and my eyes are always drawn to the clothes and jewellery. I love seeing what all the others are wearing, but I suppose it would be a little bit weird if Anna suddenly turned up in diamonds and an evening gown.”