Nigel Harman: My Downton character will stir things up!

Downton Abbey newcomer Nigel Harman has revealed that his character on the show will have few redeeming features.

The former EastEnders actor – who played Dennis Rickman in the soap – is due to make his debut in the new series later this month as visiting valet Mr Green.

But he told the Radio Times that fans of the show shouldn’t necessarily be taken in by the newcomer’s charms.

“I think he’s a bit better spoken than (EastEnders)’ Dennis because he’s a valet and you have to be a little bit more together,” Nigel explained.

“But this man is incredibly charming, to the point where he’s too good to be true – and this is what it turns out.”

He added: “I think Dennis maybe had redeeming qualities, even though he was violent and a murderer – whereas this guy doesn’t have redeeming qualities.

“But he will stir things up, so it should be interesting.”

Nigel’s character was briefly glimpsed in the first trailer for Downton‘s fourth series which debuted on ITV on Saturday night before the start of The X Factor.

The show is reportedly set to return on September 22, although ITV have yet to confirm this.

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