Rose Leslie can’t see Downton return

Rose Leslie has said she can’t see herself being called back to Downton Abbey – because her character became so happy.

The Game Of Thrones actress, 27, played housemaid Gwen in the hit ITV period drama.

She denied reports that she might return to the show, telling Radio Times magazine: “One, it’s not my call and two, we left my character in a very happy place, married, out of domestic service and living the life she always wanted.”

Rose has just finished playing Ygritte in HBO series Game Of Thrones and watched her last scenes with a friend, celebrating with ice cream and champagne.

She said it was a relief to take off the pelts, but added: “I’ll always miss the furs and the bow and arrow.”

The Scottish actress, who is in the new series of Channel 4 drama Utopia, said of the conspiracy thriller: “I was incredibly excited when I read the script because, as a massive fan of the show, I realised that this episode is a treat for the fans.”

Her appearance is short-lived because she plays a younger version of Geraldine James’s character.

“It’s a standalone episode set in the 1970s. And then I’m done!”