*Merlin returns on Saturday, October 6 on BBC1* Swords and sorcery return to Saturday nights, as Merlin is back on our screens, kicking off with a thrilling two-part story. The action kicks off three years on from the end of last series, when King Arthur (Bradley James) thwarted the evil Morgana (Katie McGrath) to reclaim his rightful place as King of Camelot. But, in the opening episode, Morgana is still alive and Arthur needs the help of his loyal wizard Merlin (Colin Morgan) more than ever to save himself and his Kingdom. Arthur summons his Knights of the Round Table to reveal that Sir Gwaine and 60 of his men have disappeared without trace en route to Izmir. Rumours are rife that the Fortress of Izmir is being occupied by Morgana. As King Arthur and his Knights embark on a dangerous mission to find his men and ensure their safe return, wife Queen Guinevere (Angel Coulby) has her own way of looking after the Kingdom while he’s away… Meanwhile, Merlin is warned that Arthur is in real danger, and must act quickly to change his fate. Is it only Morgana that he should fear? And, as the series goes on, does Merlin himself have reason to be afraid? Fans of the show have been promised much’darker’adventures for Merlin and Arthur as they try to protect Camelot. And with sword fights, special effects and the return of a very familiar face, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained… Follow Merlin on his adventure through Camelot by logging onto