American Ultra | Film review – Jesse Eisenberg’s dorky slacker finds some killer moves

American Ultra - Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart

Jesse Eisenberg’s dorky small-town slacker discovers he is actually a CIA sleeper agent with deadly skills in darkly funny, ultra-violent comedy thriller American Ultra.

Imagine Bill and Ted thrust into the midst of The Bourne Identity and you will have some idea of what’s in store as Eisenberg’s unlikely action hero revives his forgotten training to fend off the assassins sent to liquidate him, while also striving to protect his girlfriend, played by Kristen Stewart.

The film’s comic and action modes sometimes jar, but Eisenberg and Stewart are fabulous together.


Certificate 15. Runtime 96 mins. Director Nima Nourizadeh

American Ultra is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today and is available on Blu-ray & DVD, courtesy of Entertainment in Video.

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