Bad Santa? Max Branning is back in Albert Square for Christmas

Max returns and Roxy spirals out of control - in a week on EastEnders that feels just like A Christmas Carol!

Walford’s finest are jolted back to reality, when the ghost of Christmas Past, Max Branning, saunters back onto EastEnders.

Daughter Lauren gets word from him via text, and nervously waits for him to arrive at Steven’s birthday drinks night. After being framed for Lucy Beale’s death, has he really put the past behind him?

Meanwhile, Roxy continues to make promises she can’t keep – Scrooge, anyone? She moves from hangover to hangover this week, as she lets Ronnie down again and again, before shocking her with a selfish decision at the hen party. How low will Roxy go?

The end of an era is in sight, as Dot works her last day at the laundrette. It’s hard to believe she’s worked there since the 1960s, imagine how stains have changed since then! With a leaving party planned, Abi helps her decorate the space. But will everyone remember to turn up? And what will the (ghost of Christmas) future have in store for Dot?