It’s a dramatic week for relationships in Albert Square!

It's a dramatic week for relationships in Albert Square, with new ones forming and older ones in danger of falling apart…

Woody Woodward’s out to impress the locals – not to mention Whitney Carter – by making a few changes at The Queen Vic, starting by replacing the quiz night with a special Ladies’ Night… Will it be a hit with the Walford women?

Meanwhile, over at The Albert, Vincent Hubbard and wife Kim are putting on their own quiz night. The big question is will Carmel Kazemi be able to maintain the pretence that she’s okay with son Kush’s relationship with her best friend, Denise Fox?

On the subject of relationships, Lauren Branning’s been struggling with partner Steven Beale and can’t stop thinking about photocopier man Josh, who she met at dad Max’s place of work. Steven can’t understand why she’s feeling so unsettled… Will he soon find out?

At the Minute Mart, Honey Mitchell finds out who the new member of staff is… Will he turn out to be a hindrance or a help?

And Abi Branning faces a big decision of her own… But will she be able to make it?