Ex-EastEnders star Sid Owen on whether he’d return: June Brown was trying to get me to come back and said she was going to have a word!

Ex-EastEnders actor Sid Owen reveals all about his tough rejuvenation regime in 100 Years Younger in 21 Days and whether he’d return to Albert Square as Ricky

Former EastEnders star Sid Owen is trying to turn back time in ITV’s new series 100 Years Younger in 21 Days. The show sees eight celebrities have their brain, body and face ages tested and compared to their real ages. They then head to Sardinia, home to one of the world’s oldest populations, where they spend 21 days at a rejuvenation clinic undergoing a gruelling exercise and diet regime to try to collectively reduce their test scores by a whole century.

Here Sid Owen tells TV Times why he wanted to roll back the years for 100 Years Younger…

TV Times Why did you want to take part?

Sid Owen: “It was great to see if we could knock years off our ages. I eat well anyway now and exercise four or five days a week, it is all about balance. But as you get older you become aware of things and, like most men, I don’t take the time to go to get checked. I was always scared of going to the doctor because I have lived a pretty wild life but now I can put things right.”

100 Years Younger

TVT What was it like seeing your brain, body and face age scores?

SO: “It was a shock seeing my brain score and I was anxious because it was a bit old. We are all exposed to the sunshine though, so nobody’s skin age will be the same age as their real age.”

TVT Did you struggle with the physical regime or the diet?

SO: “No I didn’t struggle much. One day on the fitness side, they really pushed me and it was baking hot sunshine and I had to sprint on the beach. That knocked me for six but by the end my fitness was so much better. I also had to get used to starving my body of sugar and carbs. I didn’t really crave it but my mind and body knew something was going on and my emotions were up and down but I got used to it.”

TVT You tried lots of treatments, what was the weirdest?

SO: “I didn’t have the coffee enema as I’ve had about 200 to 300 enemas before, because I do a fast every year and have enemas as part of that. I did have lots of facials and the weirdest and funniest one was having snails on my face. They crawl about and release all that gooey stuff to put goodness back into the skin. We were all very sceptical but it was interesting. I also had one where I had 150 to 200 needles in my face to rejuvenate the skin. That was so painful!”

100 Years Younger June

TVT Your former EastEnders co-star June Brown is also in 100 Years Younger. What was it like working with her again?

SO: “Oh it was great. I have known June since I was 16, so that is 30 years. It feels like she is my gran. We hadn’t really been in touch but I’d seen her at things. I’ve always got on really well with her and had a good time. The whole group got on well though and got each other through it, we were a proper tight little unit.”

TVT Would you go back to EastEnders?

SO: “June was trying to get me to come back and said she was going to have a word! I miss the camaraderie because it is a very family-orientated place and my friends are there but it is hard work and I don’t miss that part of it. I’m still in touch with Patsy Palmer and I spoke to her a few weeks ago. She lives in Malibu now, she has got the right idea!”

100 Years Younger in 21 Days starts on Tuesday 27 February on ITV at 9pm

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