200 complaints about EastEnders stabbing

A stabbing scene on EastEnders this week has prompted around 200 viewers to complain to the Beeb.

Tuesday’s episode showed teenager Jay Brown, played by Jamie Borthwick, being stabbed in the leg by a local gang.

BBC online reports that media watchdog Ofcom received seven complaints and a spokeswoman said it ‘would be looking into the matter’.

But the BBC defended the scene: “This is part of a long-running storyline that in no way glamorises the use of knives,” a spokesperson said.

“EastEnders has always tackled difficult issues and we acknowledge that some viewers could consider this storyline challenging.

“However, we aim to reflect real issues and during this storyline the audience will see Jay’s torment, through to him deciding not to yield to peer pressure like his father did many years ago.

Jay had become involved in a gang which was terorising Dot Cotton. But he got involved in a fight and was stabbed after he decided he wanted out of the perscution.

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