There are explosive scenes in EastEnders when Abi Branning tells her sister Lauren about her betrayal – and her baby! Lorna Fitzgerald tells Soaplife all about the drama

EastEnders star Lorna Fitzgerald reveals how fireworks go off early in Albert Square when Abi tells Lauren about her affair with Steven

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Lorna Fitzgerald has revealed all to Soaplife

Soaplife: Do you laugh about how bonkers Abi is becoming?

Lorna Fitzgerald: “Yes, but I’m not laughing about what she’s doing! It’s crazy, but I love playing the darker side of Abi. I think the crazier she is, the better. From the feedback I get from the public, I think they like it as well.”

S: Why does she put on Lauren’s wedding dress?

LF: “Because it’s the day that Steven and Lauren should be getting married. In her head, she believes it should be her. If Steven was alive, they would have told Lauren, they wouldn’t have changed the date – they would have been down that registry office and got married. In her little fantasy world she does it to cheer herself up – imagining that she has this wedding day.”

S: And then she has to explain it to Lauren, who catches her wearing the dress…

LF: “Lauren is furious when Abi tells her she was in love with Steven and quite rightly. But it’s a relief for Abi to finally tell Lauren everything. She feels like she’s got this massive weight off her chest. It gets worked out as much as it can and they have a slight resolve, but I think ultimately the baby will be too much as it means Steven will be around forever.”

S: Did you enjoy the wedding dress scene?

LF: “That was so embarrassing – and mostly because of the singing. I didn’t care that Abi was in Lauren’s wedding dress, I just couldn’t believe I had to sing on telly – it’s not my forte! And she is dancing in her ex-boyfriend’s room.”

S: Abi always seems to go crazy around Halloween..

LF: “I don’t know why. But it’s something about that holiday that seems to bring it to a peak!”

S: Do you feel sorry for Abi?

LF: “Yes, because the main thing for Abi is that she just wants to be loved. It can be from anyone – she just wants to find it in someone and, when she does, she loses it. She lost it with Steven, she’s lost it from Lauren and she’s lost it from her mum. I think that’s why she’s so happy to have this baby, so that she can have this unconditional love.”

S: Why does Abi tell Ian?

LF: “She hasn’t got a job or a partner, so she wants to tell Ian because it’s his grandchild and she’s hoping she’ll get money. It’s for completely selfish reasons.”

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