Adam: ‘Ian is desperate, but it’s too late’

EastEnders‘ Adam Woodyatt tells Soaplife that when Ian can’t stop his game playing, he can’t stop Jane leaving…

When Ian finds out Phil has got Jane a lawyer to fight her side in their divorce case, he fears he’ll lose his businesses. But Adam tells Soaplife what he really should be worried about is losing Jane. “He never really appreciated Jane and now it’s too late,” warns Adam. Shame Ian doesn’t see that in time.

Does Ian accept it’s all his own fault he’s losing Jane?

“He had an affair and he’s never treated her any better than hired help. But he can’t quite believe they’ve got to this point. He’s sad to think about losing her. He believes Jane is his soulmate.”

So why doesn’t he stop the divorce?

“Because Ian can’t stop reacting. He keeps lashing out at Jane which only makes things worse and pushes her further away.”

And we know he resorts to his usual trickery when he finds out Jane is using Phil’s lawyer…

“Phil and Ian have a long-lasting feud so it probably doesn’t surprise Ian that Phil would want to interfere like this. Ian manages to convince the lawyer and Jane that he’s running his businesses at a loss and has no money. In fact, what he’s done is taken most of the cash out of the businesses and hidden it.”

Sneaky! But he doesn’t get away with it…

“Phil goes to Ian’s house while he’s out finds the cash. Ian’s fuming.”

So is Jane…

“She says she wants the cafe and Ian finally concedes when he realises his game is up. But it’s his mother’s legacy and he resents having to part with it.”

Is that why he tells Zainab that Jane and Masood had an affair… even though they didn’t?

“Actually, Yusef schemes to get Ian to tell Zainab. But it’s also classic Ian – if he’s going down he’ll take everyone else with him.”

So Jane moves out. Does Ian regret his revenge?

“He had already told Jane to move out and ever since he’s followed this pattern of abuse then reconciliation. Jane realises it isn’t good for Bobby and decides it’s best to leave. Ian’s devastated. He’s had a string of marriages that never worked out, but Jane was always there, caring for and loving him. He desperately apologises and tries to get her to stay, telling her he loves her – but it’s too late.”

We know Laurie Brett (Jane) is going on maternity leave. Could there come a day when Ian wins her back?

“He isn’t ready to let go of her, but I think he needs to start rebuilding his life on his own.”

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