EastEnders’ Adam Woodyatt hopes badly injured son Sam will join him in the London Marathon

EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt says his son, Sam, has made an amazing recovery after he after he was hit by a car and hopes he'll run the London Marathon in April

EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt has reassured fans that his son, Sam, is making an ‘amazing’ recovery after he was hit by a car – an accident that left him in an induced coma.

While writing that he didn’t want to go into detail about his son’s personal business, the Ian Beale actor said that ‘the operation to put him back together took five hours’ and that, within weeks of being in a wheelchair, Sam went from crutches to being able to walk up the stairs unaided.

Adam, 48, shared the story on his JustGiving page, which he and Sam started just days before the accident as they planned to run the London Marathon in support of the Air Ambulance Service.


It was the London Air Ambulance that treated Sam at the roadside before taking him to the Royal London Hospital.

But the Woodyatts are confident that, by next spring, Sam will be able to complete the famous race to smash their £3,750 target.


Adam wrote: “His recovery has been amazing and we are going to continue with the original plan.

“In case you are wondering, I’m the tortoise, he’s still going to be the hare.”

The event will be taking place on April 23, next year,

As well as raking in donations already, the pair are, of course, being shown the love and support that really matters…

Good luck, team Woodyatt!