EastEnders star Shane Richie brings Alfie Moon back to Walford… and tells Soaplife that the magic is still there between him and Kat

So, Shane, we want to know if you had to think twice about bringing Alfie back?
“No. Both Jessie and I felt that enough time had passed. Also, there’s a reason why they come back – they’re not being crowbarred in. That was really important.”

What’s it like being back?
“Great! When we get the scripts, we kind of go ‘Jess, have you seen this? Oh no!’ It’s really exciting.”

What have Kat and Alfie been up to?
“They went on a road trip in America, then they settled in Spain thinking it was going to be all rosy. Only it all went belly up. Alfie got involved in some dodgy deals and got banged up for six months.”

Does Alfie still love Kat?
“Damn right he loves her. Even more so now. How he keeps putting up with it I don’t know. He even wants her when she’s pregnant with another man’s baby and that takes some courage.”

We want to know how Alfie will win Kat back?
“She tells him that she wants everything to be normal and he strives to give her that, but he can never quite do what normal people do.”

So what does he do?
“Something that leaves them temporarily living in a caravan. Alfie calls it a penthouse on wheels.”

Can you reveal how long you’re back for?
“That ball is still being thrown in the air…”