Christmas has come early twice for Larry Lamb, who has just finished filming Christmas scenes for both EastEnders and Gavin And Stacey.

“It’s quite bizarre because I’ve just finished filming the Gavin And Stacey Christmas special. There I am having just finished eating my Christmas dinner when I’ve got to go over to EastEnders and sit around the Christmas tree there, playing two completely different people with two completely different groups of actors,” he said.

But Larry, 61, who plays Archie Mitchell in EastEnders and Mick in Gavin And Stacey, said there was no comparison between the two. “They all have a good Christmas – there’s just a bit more drama in EastEnders.”

He said Gavin And Stacey will see all the characters gather together for Christmas at one of the family’s homes, and joked that Christmas would be peaceful in EastEnders.

“It’s all a jolly, jolly Christmas, everybody’s having a lovely time around the Christmas tree,” he laughed.

Barbara Windsor, who plays Peggy in EastEnders, said this Christmas would be all about the Mitchells.

“This Christmas is big for us because it was the Brannings’ turn last year and this year it’s the Mitchells, so there’s a lot of exciting things,” she said.

“A lot to deal with babies, and whose is the baby, and Peggy will be getting involved because she’s nosey…”