EastEnders’ Larry Lamb warns even his love won’t stop Archie getting revenge!

Archie agrees to pay Sam’s bail when Peggy asks him to. What’s in it for him?
“For a start, Sam’s his niece. She reminds him of his girls and as an uncle he wants to help… so it’s not all selfish motives. But, of course, Archie will do anything if he thinks it’s going to get him closer to Peggy.”

His terms are certainly intended to do just that. Will Peggy agree to them?
“He tells her that in exchange for the bail money he wants to move back into The Vic. Peggy is caught between a rock and a hard place. Archie presents this solution and she agrees because she’s desperate.”

Ronnie and Phil won’t be happy about it. Do they try to stop Peggy?
“They’re certainly against it but decide to take his money then throw it back in his face once Sam’s released.”

How do they raise the cash themselves?
“Ronnie gives Peggy all the money she needs and puts her club plans on hold.”

Is Archie hurt or angry when he finds out he’s been duped?
“Humiliated. He would still have Peggy back in a flash if she wanted him but the Mitchells have pushed him too far. He’s at the point where there’s nothing else he can do but play dirty.”

What does he plan to do?
“He turns to Janine. That’s still cooking – it’s a stew that will be cooking for a while. He gives her the money and tells her they are going to bring the Mitchells down by getting their hands on The Vic.”

Could he have a sexual relationship with Janine?
“He might. I think they fancy each other and she’s definitely into older men. I think she could raise a gallop in the old horse!”

Why does he want The Vic?
“He realises that getting the Mitchells out of The Vic would be the most hurtful thing he could do. It’s not just another piece of property. It represents something.”

Phil threatened to kill Archie once before… Doesn’t that bother him?
“He has always known that Phil is as much of a psycho as he is and potentially dangerous. But I think Archie’s always had the wherewithal to do away with Phil if he wants to. He’s a wealthy man and all it would take is a phone call.”

So do you think Archie could kill?
“I don’t know. He was certainly ready to do away with Danielle at one point, although he didn’t actually kill her…”

What will it take to get Archie out of Walford?
“He’s not going anywhere at the moment because he still loves Peggy. Even psychotic people can be in love.”

How will he leave?
“I have no idea but the story has definitely got more legs. He’s on a bobsleigh ride to hell.”

Has he got any other secrets?
“Jesus Christ! I don’t think that I can act any more surprises!”

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