EastEndersBradley Branning could be about to lose the girl of his dreams, Stacey, forever. Actor Charlie Clements reveals why…

Does Bradley know that Stacey has kissed Walford new boy Callum?

“Stacey said that after Max, she would never cheat on Bradley again and he, a bit naively, believes her. She keeps telling Bradley she’s not interested in Callum and he’s taking her word for it.”

Bradley really loves Stacey, doesn’t he?

“All he cares about is having a baby with her and being the sort of dad that Max wasn’t. Stacey doesn’t feel the same though and does try to tell him by suggesting they’re still young and should make the most of it for a bit longer.”

Bradley doesn’t totally agree with her though does he?

“He says: ‘We might be young but we have been through more than people 10, 20 years older than us. A baby will just make us stronger’.”

Does he really believe that?

“It could be that part of the reason he wants to have a child with her is that he thinks if they had a kid, it would create a bond. Make it harder for her to leave him.”

So, Bradley would stay with Stacey no matter what?

“Bradley loves Stacey to bits. She is the person he wants to be with for the rest of his life and while, deep down, he suspects that she might not feel the same, he won’t admit it to himself. That’s why he’s been ignoring the whole Callum thing. He can see Callum fancies Stacey but he believes it’s not reciprocated so that’s OK.”

But Max knows something Bradley doesn’t…

“Max knows better though and offers Callum £1,000 to leave the Square. It’s when Callum turns up on Bradley’s doorstep that Bradley has to face the facts.”

What happens?

“Callum thinks Bradley put Max up to it and asks how Stacey could have married such a gutless coward. When Callum throws the cheque back at him Bradley realises that Stacey must have been tempted for Max to offer the bribe.”

How does Bradley feel?

“He’s humiliated and no wonder. The chemistry between Stacey and Callum is exactly what’s missing between Bradley and Stacey. There is no spark or excitement there – they’re more like just good friends.”

But could Bradley be ‘just good friends’ with Stacey?

“It’s about time Bradley realised that he’s not the one for Stacey. If she leaves him he’ll be gutted. Destroyed. But I think that in his own time he would realise he had to let her go…”