EastEnders’ Sid Owen says Ricky’s in for a hot love triangle and a dramatic Christmas – and we say it doesn’t get more dramatic than a wedding!

Why is Ricky so keen on The Vic’s speed dating night?
“Well he hasn’t had a bird in the 18 months he’s been back in Walford so I reckon he must be feeling a bit desperate.”

We thought he’d get back with Bianca… Is there no chance now?
“I think he’s given up on her really. He made his feelings known but she wasn’t interested so he’s moved on. It’s probably still in the back of his mind though.”

He was away from Walford for years. What’s making him stay now?
“Mainly Tiffany and Liam. He likes being part of a family. He likes being with Bianca too. Under that roof they’re like a couple any way.”

Does he meet anyone speed dating?
“He really hits it off with Roxy and it turns out that she puts him down as a match on her card – only it takes him a while to find out because it gets smudged.”

Does he fancy her?
“I don’t think he does really. She’s just a bit of female company. I can’t see it going far.”

Why haven’t Ricky and Bianca told the kids the truth about Tiffany?
“Because they don’t want to rock the boat. Things are working the way they are.”

We know Sam Mitchell’s coming back any day now. Will Ricky still fancy her?
“She’s his childhood sweetheart and she comes back a bit flash with fancy new clothes and silicones so he might!”

Has he stayed in contact with her?
“I don’t think so, but he’s probably heard news about her from the Mitchells. He and Phil get on well so I imagine they’ve talked about her.

Who did he love most – Sam or Bianca?
“Bianca I think. For a start they’ve had kids together. She’s down to earth and Ricky actually enjoys the bickering.”

What would Ricky do if Sam made a play for him?
“I think he’d feel really flattered, but I don’t think he’d believe his luck.”

What if Bianca wanted him back?
“He’d drop everything and be with her. He just wants to be with her and the kids. He has already got that… all that’s missing is the sex.”

Can you see a love triangle arising between Ricky, Bianca and Sam?
“Yes I can… with Ricky in the middle getting all the lashings!”

You’ve been back a while now… Is all this building to big drama for Ricky?
“Loads of it – and at Christmas the storylines are going to be really dramatic!”

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