Babs: ‘I don’t want to know how I exit EastEnders’

Barbara Windsor has told EastEnders bosses not to give her a sneak preview of her exit scenes because she wants to treat it the same as any ordinary episode.

The actress revealed she is bowing out of the soap in ‘about six weeks’ , but doesn’t know the circumstances of her character’s departure and hasn’t seen the scripts.

Speaking at the BAFTA TV awards, she said: “I don’t know and I didn’t want to. I said I didn’t want to see them, I don’t want to know – just give them to me like you always give them to me, like they’re any ordinary episode.”

Babs is leaving the show after 16 years as Queen Vic landlady Peggy Mitchell.

She said of her future: “I am just going to have a rest and spend a lot more time with my husband and have a holiday. But I haven’t planned. But there will be quite a bit of work coming up.”

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